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Nasab International

are developing special machine solution to be applied to customers standard machines.
We always try to avoiding modification of customer machines as it is the best solution in case of service.

What we can offer.

If the product specification is approaching stability and you know what you want but don't have the resources to implement it then we can help with:

Mechanic development
Electronic Hardware development
Software development
PCB layout
Prototype assembly and test
Regulatory compliance testing
Product transfer to volume manufacturing
Production support

Dispenser unit developed for Sato M10e printer, with or without external conveyer, Manuel label start or with label taken sensor. The demand from customer was the printer should not be modified and as the video shows a standard Sato M10e printer together with a Nasab developed dispenser unit.
A lot of external accessories has been developed for different thermo printers during the years. The video shows an example of URW-4S unit made for Sato printer CT4-LX.
Newspaper Addressing Machine.

Newspaper Addressing Machine.

NAS-40B Label Dispenser for addressing Newspapers "ON Line" in gripper or "OFF Line". Labeling capacity 60000 ex/h to 80000 ex/h with label height of 19mm or 23mm.
Accessories developed for Sato Printers

Accessories developed for Sato Printers

During the years we have developed different accessories for Sato Printers.
Accessories developed for Intermec Printers.

Accessories developed for Intermec Printers.

During the years we have developed different accessories for Intermec Printers.

About Us

Nasab has more than 35 years of practical knowledge and experience in the field of product marking. We has during the years been developing special machines for the industry world wide. All our developed products are designed and tested by us and are known throughout the industry for their reliability, durability and ability to meet the demands of the industry. We at Nasab have always faced the challenges of developing products from the customer's point of view. Our mission is to help customers to streamline their operations and production.